TRIPLE REVIEW: The Interview (2014); 22 Jump Street (2014); The Maze Runner (2014)

This is a summary of three short reviews of three movies I watched during the year end breaks: The ‘controversial’ Interview (2014) starred by Seth Rogen and James Franco; a proper sequel to the 2012 surprise hit 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street (2014); and a promising young adult novel adaptation, The Maze Runner (2014).

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The Interview 22 Jump Street

The Maze Runner


8 thoughts on “TRIPLE REVIEW: The Interview (2014); 22 Jump Street (2014); The Maze Runner (2014)”

  1. The Interview is silly, funny but silly. It is going to be the most-watched comedy movie of Seth Rogen simply for the controversy alone. Although because of This is the End (which I loved), I think I’m starting to expect that kind of quality in his movies, comedy that simply wouldn’t go away after you watch the movie.

    22 Jump Street was awesome, didn’t expect it to live up to expectation. I re-watched it recently, and it was still funny. I did like the Hill-Tatum tandem, with Tatum really having a blast with his character.

    I didn’t expect to like The Maze Runner, initially dismissed it. However, it was pretty decent, and I’m looking forward to where the story goes. Hopefully the next movies would also be good!

    Great review to all three movies!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I actually missed 22 Jump Street and The Maze Runner on the cinema, cause i dont quite like sequel and YA adaptation. But, both turns out manage to be a real hit and people love it!
      The Interview is pointless, but funny. I really love it although it’s not as great as two Rogen-Franco previous movies.


  2. I really have no interest in The Interview, even before the whole SONY hack debacle. But then again I’m not a fan of Rogen/Franco’s style of raunchy humor, I just don’t find that kind of thing funny. Happy New Year Paskalis!


  3. Glad you find the movie funny! I think the pointlessness was defeated by the hoopla around the film, it’s kinda a symbol for freedom of expression now so it will be immortalized. But it’s a good thing it was actually hilarious and not an awful piece of shit 🙂


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