TOP 7: Bow, Arrow and Cinema

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I name 7 cinema’s greatest archers to honour them.”

From the time of Robin Hood to Katniss Everdeen, from the small screen to big screen’s highest box office, from the battle against orcs to the battle against extraterrestrial beings, from young adult film to super hero film, bow and arrow has always become cinema’s dearest killing machine. They make not only greatest hero, but heroine as well.  Now, let me name 7 cinema’s greatest archers in honour for them.

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  1. Marvelfan Avatar

    Ugh. Wiki is your friend. The character’s name is Clint Barton.

    1. Ups. Sorry, Marvelfan. I’m having bad memories.
      Gotta change it, tho

  2. Nice list! I did something like this a few years ago, and surprisingly, we only have a few of the same. (Hawkeye and Katniss. I picked a different Robin Hood)

    1. Oh really? I gotta check on yours!
      Well, I’m not really into Prince of Thieves or Robin of Sherwood; the latest Robin Hood is the only memory of his character left on me 😉

  3. Yusti Item Avatar
    Yusti Item

    Why didn’t you put Topper Harley (Hot Shots!) on the list?????!!!???
    He’s the best in bow and arrow…he even uses CHICKEN as his arrow, isn’t that awesome??????

    1. Never heard of him :p Gotta check!

      1. Yusti Item Avatar
        Yusti Item

        You havent watched Hot Shots????well, maybe you should watch it…and also Leslie Nielsen’s movies, like Naked Gun and Airplane… 😀

  4. I probably like Merida best out of those 🙂 Good hair 🙂

    1. Good hair—works as quiver as well 🙂

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