The 2015 Liebster Award to Sinekdoks

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Here comes the Liebster Award back to Sinekdoks! After missing it in 2014, the award finally dropped in this blog again. FYI, this is Sinekdoks’ second Liebster award nomination following the same nomination in 2013.

The adorable Myriam Petrini of Cinema Liquido has passed the award to me few days ago; thank you, Myriam. Now, it’s high time I spread the words to others and initiate a chain reaction towards my fellow bloggers.

Here comes the rules:

So, shoot!

 Part #1: Answering Myriam’s questions.

01. Where does the blog’s name come from?

‘Twas all influenced by Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York; although, ‘Sinekdoks’ is also derived from 3 Indonesian words—sinema (cinema), sinekdoke (synecdoche), and paradoks (paradox).

02. Do you follow foreign blog?

YES. Mostly I follow foreign blogs.

03. What do you expect from your blog?

I always expect my blog to be a vault for my thoughts towards films and cinema, but lately, I expect it to be more than that. I want it to be a vault for people to interact, to get to know each other, to express ideas about certain things related to films. You know, my expectation grows.

04. What’s the best satisfaction you have been having with your blog since the beginning?

To be still blogging until now (after 2 years)—that’s my best satisfaction. I hope more years of blogging to come along.

05. Why did you open a blog?

Let me quote my own answer of a similar question.

It spurts out naturally, like a boy having his first wet dream. When you watch tons of movies and loves each one of them (in any way), you cannot resist from their spurting out through your mouth orally to your friends or through social media–until finally you’ll need something to spurt your “love”.

06. What kind of topics do you like to talk about on your posts?

Movie review.

Yet, I plan to talk about more things, I just don’t know how to start.

07. What are the most important elements to make a great blog?

INTERACTION. A great blog should be interactive.

08. How do you think will be your blog in the future?

I don’t know for sure. Yet, I hope I can still write things on my blog even when I barely have time. I really wish to meet someone willing to be my co-blogger or full-time collaborator. ANYONE?

09. Have you ever had difficulties with blogging?

There were ample of it, i.e., tight schedule, blogger’s block, boredom, and all. Yet, I could overcome ’em so far and I wish I can still overcome ’em for years to go.

10. 3 adjectives to describe you.

Utopian, violent, enthusiastic.

11. What’s your favorite film?

I don’t know how to answer it. Yet, here comes my top 5: Bronson (Nicholas Winding-Refn), Pan’s Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro), The Assassination of Jesse James (Andrew Dominik), Thirst (Park Chan-wook), 5 Centimeters per Second (Makoto Shinkai).

Part #2: Random facts about me.

01. I love a girl named Maria Wulandari

02. I have a dog named Loki and a cat named Doni; and they’re best friends.

03. My first post on Sinekdoks was a greeting for the universe and the second was about Jaco van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody while the first review was Park Chan-wook’s Stoker—the last two was written in Bahasa Indonesia.

04. I used to have a rock band named Levywar (styled as LVYWR).

05. I’m  proud to be straight edge.

06. My (current) favorite phone app is GarageBand.

07. I’m a bloglovin’ and letterboxd user.

08. I love going to the cinema by myself and I love watching movies by myself as well. However, I don’t refuse movie-dating.

09. Oh, I’m a proud iPhone user.

10. I write posts on my blog via PC, but I reply to comments via phone.

11. I want everyone who reads this to press Ctrl and A at the same time then check my #01.

 Part #3: Question to fellow bloggers.

Then here comes 11 questions from me that my fellow bloggers need to answer. Oh, since I manage a movie-blog, I would like to nominate all 11 movie-bloggers, the questions will be all about movie and movie-blogging. Fair enough?

01. Please name a movie that can describe you or what you feel now! Sebutkan satu film yang paling pas menggambarkan dirimu atau perasaanmu saat ini.

02. What’s your all time favorite movie OST? Apa OST film favoritmu sepanjang jaman?

03. Choose one: Jurassic World, Terminator Genysis, or Star Wars Eps. VII?

04. Choose one: annoying cliffhanger or super-twisted bad ending? Pilih yang mana: cliffhanger super nggantung atau bad ending yang penuh twist.

05. Choose one: European movie, Asian movie, Australian movie or South American movie? Name a title! Pilih salah satu: Film Eropa, film Asia, film Australia atau film Amerika Selatan? Sebut salah satu judul film favoritmu dari region tersebut.

06. What’s the best Indonesian movie you ever watched? Apa film Indonesia yang paling bagus?

07. If your life were a movie, what other movie might look similar to it? Kalau hidupmu adalah film, film lain apa yang paling mirip sama film-mu?

08. If your life were still a movie, who will portray you best? Kalau hidupmu adalah film lagi, siapa yang paling pantas memerankanmu?

09. As a movie blogger, what kind of comment you loathe? Sebagai movie blogger, comment macam apa yang kalian benci?

10. As a movie blogger, do you follow foreign blogger and interact with them? Why yes, why not? Sebagai movie blogger, apakah kalian follow blogger asing dan berinteraksi dengan mereka? Kenapa?

11. Now, please describe your blog in a sentence! Gambarkan blog kalian dalam satu kalimat.

Now, I nominate these 11 bloggers for the Liebster Award.

01. Me On The Movie

02. Inspired Ground

03. A Little Bit of Brain

04. zerosumo

05. Crazy Girl at the Cinema

06. Movfreak

07. Review Luthfi

08. Rambling Film

09. karamelkinema

10. FlixChatter

11. A Fistful of Film

Go bloggers! I’d be very glad if you’re partaking on this and I’d love to read all your answers to my question as well as your next questions. Good luck! You’re nominated!

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  1. Andrew Avatar

    You’re too kind! I will try and get a post up for this, but in case I don’t have the time, I’m going to answer your questions here 😀

    1) I have a deep personal connection to the films that I consider great, mostly because I feel that they do describe me or get to the root of aspects of who I am. Jules et Jim, Mommy and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind roughly spell out my soul.

    2) UGH, so many, but if we’re talking scores then I am inclined to say Atonement.

    3) Star Wars simply because I loved what Abrams did with Star Trek

    4) UCK, neither…but nothing is worse than waiting for answers (lol) so I’ll take the shitty ending

    5) I’ve said many, many times that the French do it better, so European all the way, and directors like Godard, Truffaut, Fellini and so on have only proved that point.

    6) So, I pulled up a list of famous Indonesian films because I couldn’t think of one off the top of my head, and the only one on the list I had seen was The Act of Killing…and I hated that…so it looks like I really need to see more Indonesian films!

    7) Oh lord…I’d like to think it would look like something Sofia Coppola might direct…but I’m not sure I’m as interesting as I like to think I am.

    8) Joaquin Phoenix

    9) The other day I posted my Fisti Awards for 1974, and someone ‘anonymous’ commented telling me that I was insulting Chinatown because I didn’t give it a win for it’s score or screenplay…telling me that the film is largely thought to have a perfect screenplay (I’ve never heard this) and that the score was considered an inspiration for many other scores (again, where is this information)…and all this despite the fact that I gave it 6 nominations (including Best Picture) and 2 wins for it’s acting. So…I can’t stand ignorant people who throw insults. BUT, I kind of love all comments, even those ones, sort of…

    10) YES! I follow all blogs that strike my fancy or who show an interest in interacting with me, regardless of their geographical base!

    11) Grab a seat, stay a while, it’s fun here!

    1. “Grab a seat, stay a while, it’s fun here!” I love that, Joaquin Phoenix. Your answers were all great, and personal, I love them all.
      About that comments, I felt bad with such comments although I haven’t had one. Well, I hope this question might help us, bloggers, grow by knowing what kind of comments we should be aware of.
      Oh, yes, cheers for Star Wars!
      Can’t wait to see your post about this award!

  2. ah ah ah, answer #11 😀

  3. Love your answer to question #11. Thirst is a fantastic vampire flick. Glad to see Bronson get a mention, too. Congrats on the award!

    1. Ah, thank you! I don’t have certain criteria for my top film, it was all very subjective, whether I got attached to the film or else.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Wendell!

  4. Thanks Paskalis! I might not do a post on my own but I might come back and answer the questions here. Thanks again for thinking of me.

    1. You’re welcome, Ruth! That might be amazing, still.

  5. Thank you so much Paskalis! I will answer your questions as fast as I can 😀

    1. That will be great, Kezia!

  6. Wow, great post! I loved reading your answers and also the new questions, so interesting points of view! Well done, thanks for taking part again 🙂

    1. Great that you loved it! I personally thank you for this nomination; you know, it’s a little moment of contemplation for me as well.
      Enjoy blogging!

  7. Big congratulations on this award.

      1. It’s a pleasure and it’s always to have an award bestowed upon your blog.

        1. Sure, that’s how things work!

          1. Gotta agree with you there.

  8. Hello! Thanks for nominating me. I think I did a couple of these and I’m just going to answer here if that’s okay

    01. This is tough! What comes to mind now is Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go, and I don’t know if it makes sense

    02. Maybe 500 Days of Summer (2009)

    03. Star Wars Eps. VII

    04.annoying cliffhanger. I think bad ending is the worst

    05. Asian movie, just because I’m Asian

    06. I would have to say Lewat Djam Malam, the classic. But I need to see more Indonesian classic movie.

    07. If it’s about ‘look’, I’d like it to look like Amelie movie or as stylish as Wong kar wai films. I’d like to have similar tone/message like About Time movie, though I can’t time travel

    08. If the genre is drama, Carey Mulligan. If it’s comedy, it’s Katherine Heigl. If it’s Indonesian, Ladya Cheryl

    09. I kind of hated comments that are too brief, that it seems they only comment because they have to comment

    10. Large part of my followers are foreign movie bloggers. Because I’d like to know their opinion about movies, esp.the one with similar taste. And they can be inspired me as well.

    11. My blog in a sentence; just all about what inspires me from movies

    1. That’s okay you answered here 🙂 I love your answers; they were all original and, you know, prone to be inspiring. I love the idea of Ladya Cheryl being you, I’m admiring her as well and I thought it would be cool!
      Then, about that type of comments; I never seen one on mine, but I think that will be kinda annoying, but I don’t know if it is. Usually people will hate spam, but this one is more complicated than just spam.

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