Thursday, July 29

Thursday Movie Picks #33: Movies with Devastating Crushing Endings that Makes You Want to Weep

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It’s Thursday Movie Pick hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves again, and obviously, this week’s theme kinda make me feel hard on myself.

The quest is: Movies with Devastating Crushing Endings that Makes You Want to Weep. That’s definitely a tough job for me because I don’t usually weep for movies (or anything). However, there are some movies that ‘almost’ made me cry. Okay, almost.

So, here’s my picks for movies whose endings knocked on the door of my weep. SPOILER ALERT! We are talking about ending; read on your own risk.

01. 5 Centimeters per Second (2007)

Being on my ‘weeping’ list twice a week, this Japanese animation feature really got my nerve. It might not have been like Ghibli’s and, certainly, it’s more romance-driven. Yet, an end to a distant love and unexpressed feelings is almost always devastating. HERE’S WHERE THE SPOILER BEGINS. When both POV characters separately realized that their love is unquenchable—along with that heartwrenching song (and the lyrics)—that’s the most difficult part to watch; especially the train scene.

02. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Not only does Clint Eastwood deliver a supreme performance as a director and actor, he turns Hillary Swank into delivering her lifetime performance. However, this movie cheated on all of us. With a strong build-up, this sport drama might seem inspiring and explosive, although the plot is rather generic. UNTIL THAT MOMENT HAPPENED. Since then, Million Dollar Baby slowly deteriorates into a tear-jerking drama that hit the unprepared audience with a heartbreaking sucker-punch.

03. The Mist (2007)

On top of all, Frank Darabont’s The Mist is the most devastating. After everything else with monsters and lethal creatures, Thomas Jane’s character decided to do a desperate attempt—realizing that this movie demands no survivor. Normal people start to weep on that; yet, the worst is not yet coming and his final line, “They die. For what?” makes me swallow my pride. Seriously, if there’s a movie cruel enough to play someone’s feeling, The Mist is among the tops.


So, what’s your comment and what’s your picks?


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