Monthly Roundup: August 2015

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August Roundup: What happened in Sinekdoks during the 31 days of August 2015—along with review and blogathon directory.

August means summer blockbusters at its finest—ranging from a very worst to a possibly best one. It’s the month where some eventual reboot and sequel are piling up in cinemas and there’s nothing to do but to watch them all.

But, first let’s rewind to August in 2013, where I reviewed one of the best Danish movie ever made, The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg; then to 2014, where I reviewed one of Marvel’s best punch-drunk hit, Guardians of the Galaxy.

But, yeah, this is the recap of new movies I watched in August 2015. 

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation — 

Tom Cruise returned as Ethan Hunt in this possibly best of the franchise—following his series of successful comeback as an action star. Oh, there’s also Rebecca Ferguson heading to stardom.

Fantastic Four — 

The biggest letdown in this summer blockbuster season is this troubled adaptation—got troubled right from the beginning of the production till indefinite period. I got some solace for this, though.

Inside Out — 

Pixar got another hit in this mind-blowing feature inside a kid’s head. A definitely cannot miss. There’s a bonus. simple review of Lava–the film’s companion piece. People said it’s terrible, but I have heart for it. Don’t worry.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. — 

Two gentlemen from two different power poles on Earth are teaming up for trouble. Girls will get mesmerized by Cavill-Hammer, and boys by Elizabeth Debicki—sorry Vikander. The story was a little overwhelming though.

Paper Towns — 

Another adaptation of John Green’s coming-of-age novels which takes a completely different track from its adapted predecessor. Best things are: Cara Delevingne is as surprising as her character and, yeah, a trains of quotable dialogues await.

Although the cinemas are pretty busy, but I still keep in track with Blindspot series as for this month I picked David Fincher’s most underrated movies—The Game.

There’s also a movie I streamed—an indie gem titled Slow West, which is kinda slow as it goes West.

Keep track with some blogathons on the way.

Deconstructing emotions via movies in Conman at the Movies’ The Film Emotion and busting convention with Dell on Movies’ Against the Crowd blogathon—where I booed Pitch Perfect and praised The Butterfly Effect.

Also check out my Thursday Movie Picks entries—#32: Alien Invasion—with some big and disgusting monsters, #33: Movies with Devastating Crushing Ending—with Japanese anime, a Stephen King adaptation and female boxer, #34: Asian Language Set in East Asia—with so many picks (I mean it); and #35: Stepfamilies—which goes awry.

So, that’s a wrap, August.


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