150 Favorite Moments & Easter Eggs in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

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Not A Review: The first Star Wars spin-off finally boards. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a piece of puzzle to connect timeline in the main canon of the saga. Set in between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New HopeRogue One tells a heroic mission carried by the titular squad in stealing Death Star’s plan as told in A New Hope‘s opening crawl.
Though it is a spin-off, Rogue One is still all about the hype. It’s a fan-service spin-off all fanboys and fangirls are waiting for. How it connect story to enrich the main saga is incredible; and the list of references it displayed gets all the fanboys and fangirls scream in excitement. In short, Rogue One is still a certified Star Wars film in and through.
Same as The Force Awakenin 2015, SINEKDOKS isn’t writing a review for Rogue One (although it comes under ‘Movie Review’ category). It’s an appreciation post dedicated to the first official spin-off of Star Wars. SINEKDOKS find 150 favorite moments in the film to share with fellow fans and audiences
– This post is a very long post.
– This post contains soft and hard spoilers for Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: Empire Strikes Back, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Read at your own risk.

01. At the same fashion as The Force Awakens, there’s only LucasFilm logo flashed on screen and no others.
02. Followed by your sacred “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”
03. For the first time in Star Wars film history, there’s no opening crawl. That’s kinda weird, but, monumental, remembering that it’s a non-canon spin-off.
04. Follow me now. The camera pans up after the introduction, similar to Attack of the Clones.
05. An Imperial Shuttle arrives at a new planet with a ring similar to Neptune. Isn’t it similar to The Force Awakens?
06. The planet has black-sanded shores and great meadow upon rocky hills as if it is taken directly from Scotland. Or Wales.
07. And the first face to show up at Rogue One is… Jyn Erso. At least, her younger manifestation as portrayed by Beau “Dolly” Gadsdon.
08. Meet the Ersos! The charismatic Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen); the rebellion-spirited Lyra Erso (Valene Kane) and little Jyn.
09. Galen turns out to be a sweet father. He calls little Jynn ‘Stardust.’
10. Upon witnessing an Imperial Shuttle lands, Lyra calls a distant ally, an important figure in this story, Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker).
11. For the first time in an official film, a squad of Death Troopers is deployed. This time to accompany the white-mantled Director Orson Krennic.
This makes a gorgeous, worth-the-pause moment when the white-mantled Krennic leads the the black-suited troopers.
12. There’s a Galen’s one-perfect shot moment when he walks out from his house long-gazing at the shore and the shuttle. The moment is as genuine and picturesque as Luke’s long-gazing the horizon of Tattooine.
Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
13. Lyra gives Jyn a Kyber-crystal necklace as she says, “Trust the Force.”
14. A Death Trooper find a Stormtrooper doll on the ground. This doll belongs to Jyn. What is it with Star Wars heroine and action figures? Remember, Rey owns an X-wing pilot doll in The Force Awakens.
15. The most pivotal scene that explains a lot of things happen when Krennic, who has been looking for the deserting and hiding Galen, asks Galen to continue his ‘secret project‘ which we already know.
16. Favorite quote #1: Galen accuses Krennic with “You’re confusing peace with terror.”
17. First body count: Lyra Erso. She refuses to support the Galactic Empire, then she shoots Krennic and gets mortally shot. Death Trooper shoots first.
18. During her escape, Jyn hides in the bunker made by Galen. There, we can see Jyn’s blue eyes peeping from a crevice. Her blue eyes are pivotal; we’ll see it often during Rogue One.
19. In the end, who comes to rescue? Saw Gerrera as he says,” Come, my child!
20. Michael Giacchino moment #1: ‘ROGUE ONE’ title appears on screen with an original theme by Michael Giacchino titled “A Long Ride Ahead”
21. Whose face first appear after the title? Jyn Erso, now as an adult (Felicity Jones), imprisoned with a tentacle-mouthed inmate.
22.  There’s a place indicator to introduce each planet and/or moon or any other place with description of its significance.
23. This time it’s Ring of Kafrene, a place lots like Mos Eisley, where we meet an important figure: a rebellion captain.
24. As a rebellion soldier, Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) is a badass, who isn’t afraid to get his hand dirty. At this moment, he’s got it very dirty after he obtains a very important information that a defected imperial pilot has a message for Saw Gerrera.
25. Cassian’s climbing skill #1: Escaping from a band of stormtroopers.
26. The first look of Jedha, an Imperial-occupied moon; a home for the Ancient Orders of the Whills—a Force-associated order, at least used to be. It’s the Holy Moon. The Jerusalem of the Galaxy.
27. Jedha is an interesting planet, covered mostly with desert and adorned with ruins of ancient temple and statues. Some fallen giant statues resembles mountain now; from the look, there’s a similarity to the statue of Isildur at Argonath gates in The Fellowship of the Rings.
28. It turns out, Jedha is also the home for Saw Gerrera and ‘his bands of fanatics.’
29. The defected imperial pilot is actually there captured and held captive (although he says he surrenders) by Saw’s henchmen. He is Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed), a Jedha local.
30. Favorite under-looked character #1, Edrio Two Tubes – Saw Gerrera’s #1 henchman and first messenger. I think he’s second in command, too.
Edrio Two Tubes – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
31. Favorite under-looked character #2, Moroff – one of Saw Gerrera’s henchmen, a Gigoran mercenary that looks like a white Chewbacca.
Moroff – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
32. There’s another new planet, Wobani, Imperial forced labor’s station.
33. The rescue of Lianna Halik by rebellion soldiers and an imperial droid. It turns out Lianna Halik is someone we just knew.
34. We finally return on a sweet reunion to… Yavin 4, one of Yavin’s moons, we know as the base of the rebellion. Luke’s been here; Leia’s been here; Han’s been here. Now, Jyn is here.
35. Once we arrive at Yavin 4, General Draven (Alistair Petrie) reads the whole crime record Jyn Erso has committed. Yes, Lianna Halik is Jyn Erso, and she’s a criminal.
36. We are reintroduced to an old ally, Senator Mon Mothma.
Appeared for the first time in Return of the Jedi as portrayed by Caroline Blakiston, Mon Mothma is the commander-of-chief of the rebellion. In the prequel trilogy, she appears again as portrayed by Genevieve O’Reilly in Revenge of the Sith (2005). O’Reilly reprises her role as Mon Mothma in Rogue One.
Senator Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
37. Mon Mothma is not the only recurring character who makes appearance, since we also witness… Senator Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits, reprising his role from the prequel trilogy), Leia’s foster father and a senator of Alderaan.
38. The mission: Obtaining the message delivered by Bodhi Rook, who was sent by none other than Galen Erso, from Saw Gerrera. Therefore, Jyn is an integral and most essential part of this mission for she’s the slice of that Venn diagram.
39. But, there’s a secret mission only tasked to Cassian Andor by General Draven.
40. Cassian and Jyn are teaming up with the droid who rescues Jyn—a reprogrammed Imperial droid, K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), a strategy analyst droid who tends to speak out whatever in its circuit.
41. ‘Cause it’s speaking out whatever in its circuit, K2 protests to Cassian about Jyn given access to blaster, which Cassian denies. It’s a pivotal Jyn-K-2 chemistry scene.
42. Favorite quote #2: Jyn confronts Cassian for his distrust saying, “Trust goes both way.”
43. A man is staggering with his bionic feet, speaking with breathy, hoarse voice. From how he looks with scars on his face and vicious expressions, we know that this man has fought many wars and he just don’t stop even though he’s been suffering. He is Saw Gerrera, now old, weary and sick. Even he needs to use respiratory assistance apparatus attached to his body. He might be weak, but he’s as vicious as ever.
44. Favorite quote #3: Saw, after preaching about lies and traps, mutters unknown words to Bodhi Rook, whom he’s taking suspicion, “Bor Gullet!”
45. Meanwhile, in a different place, we’re reintroduced to some old properties. First, a Star Destroyer. Second, the one and the only, Death Star.
46. In a Star Destroyer overlooking the Death Star, Krennic meets a likely superior gazing through the window. As we see his faded reflection on the window, we know that he is Grand Moff Tarkin a.k.a. Governor Tarkin, who first appear in Star Wars (1977).
47. This Governor Tarkin is portrayed by Guy Henry with CGI face of Peter Cushing. Although he looks like Mark Rylance’s character in The BFG, his voice and accent is highly similar to Cushing, including his accentuated errr sound.
48. On her way to Jedha, Jyn has a dream in forms of a memory fragment of Jyn along with her parents—on Imperial uniform—are getting along with Krennic in a city which looks like Coruscant.
49. Favorite Michael Giacchino moment #2: Scoring when Cassian and Jyn are arriving to Jedha. The title is “Jedha Arrival.” Listen via Spotify!
50. There’s the money shot from the trailer in which s Star Destroyer floats low above Jedha city, loading/unloading Kyber crystals.
Those Kyber crystals are used for the fuel of the weapon (Death Star—red.). FYI, the same crystal used to be an element used for lightsabers’ construction.
It is later explained that the crystal is Force-attuned. Therefore, Death Star is actually destroying planets with Force-fueled power.
51. Jedha City looks like a Persian version of Mos Eisley, where all the scumbags get together.
52. Guess whom Cassian and Jyn bump into? Ponda Baba and Cornelius Evazan from Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars (1977).
Can’t remember them? They’re two guys who had argument with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan in the cantina. Baba is the one whose hand got slashed by lightsaber.
Dr. Cornelius Evazan & Ponda Baba – A New Hope (1977)
53. Favorite quote #4: Cassian confronts the hesitant Jynn with a simple “Rebellions built on hope.”
54. In a corner of Jedha, a blind man shouts out, “May the force be with you.” He also calls out Jyn by mentioning the necklace she wears. The blind man is Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen), a warrior-monk.
55. Apart from the blind man, a big ferocious man stands observing. He’s a sole warrior-monk named, Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen).
56. There’s a convoy of stormtroopers and hover tank troopers with a hover tank to carry Kyber crystal. The hover tank design is awesome!
57. Staged as an ambush, a group of extremist attacks the hover tank with grenades and blasters. Turns out, the extremists are Saw Gerrera’s mercenaries. The whole skirmish at Jedha City is terrific.
58. Favorite under-looked character #3: Bistan, a space monkey who becomes one of Saw’s mercenaries. [UPDATE: I might have mistaken it with a character named Pao or Weeteef Cyubee, portrayed by Warwick Davis, a.k.a. Wicket the Ewok from Return of the Jedi]
Bistan, the Space Monkey – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
59. During the skirmish and turmoil, Jyn risks her life saving a girl stranded in the middle of the battle. Heroic as hell!
60. And, to save Jynn—who hides behind a hover tank, Cassian shoots an extremist who’s about to throw grenade to the tank, although it might risk their mission to win over Saw’s sympathy. Cassian isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, right?
61. There’s an AT-ST Walker in the midst of Jedha city as a reinforcement to the overwhelmed Imperial Army.
62. K-2SO really steals attention in this battle. First, Jyn accidentally shoots an Imperial droid, which she thinks it’s K-2; but, it turns out the real K-2 has just arrived asking whether Jyn knew that it wasn’t K-2. Second, K-2 disguises as a real Imperial droid, but fails at first attempt.
63. Fortunately, Chirrut comes to rescue. Chirrut’s display of martial art mastery is pleasing to watch, including the body armor moves. He takes down a band of stormtroopers by himself. Is he Bruce Lee’s master?
64. And when he’s overwhelmed, Baze reinforces him with his gunslinger skills. Their bromance is one to follow for sure.
65. Favorite quote #5: When Two Tubes and his comrades capture Jyn, Cassian, Baze and Chirrut, their heads are covered with sacks. When it comes to Chirrut, he only protests: “Are you kidding me? I’m blind!”
66. Have I mentioned about Bor Gullet previously? It is a mind-reading creature that looks like a smaller version of the creatures who invade Earth on Gareth Edwards’ Monsters.
67. Saw Gerrera’s hideout has the feel similar to Jabba the Hutt’s lair or Maz Kanata’s fortress. There’s even a creature that looks like a more vicious version of Jabba’s henchman, Bip Fortuna. Also, there’s a hologram of a dancer that looks like the unfortunate dancer in Return of the Jedi and also an analogue, non-hologram version of Dejarik, the galactic chess as seen in Millennium Falcon (A New Hope and The Force Awakens).
68. “I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.” is repeatedly recited by Chirrut as a kind of prayer. Similar to Rosary Prayer in Catholicism or dhikr in Muslim.
69. Jyn finally reunites with Saw, but it isn’t a friendly one.
Are we not still friend?” asked Saw, which Jyn replies with confrontation fueled with grudge over Saw’s leaving Jyn high and dry.
70. Galen is actually sending a message via a hologram, detailing the reason he accepts Krennic’s offer to continue manufacturing Death Star. Galen’s remorse is similar to Oppenheimer’s when he knew his work of nuclear is used for evil deeds. What differentiates them is: Galen does something about it. He plants a defect deep in the construction of Death Star; but, seemingly, it’s further than that, which I will later discuss.
71. It turns out the destruction of Alderaan in Star Wars (1977) isn’t the first. Death Star conducts its first test upon… Jedha.
72. Ironically, Krennic tells a bitter truth when he addresses the destruction of Jedha “beautiful.” Celestial object count: 1.
73. Favorite quote #6: K-2SO over communicator informs Cassian about Jedha’s destruction, “There’s a problem with the horizon. There’s no horizon.”
74. When Cassian saves Jyn, Jyn attempts to convey Saw to escape but he refuses stating that he’s tired of running. His last quotes are devastating, though. “Save the rebellion! Save the dream!
75. As the Jedha’s ground crumbles, the core team is finally assembled: Cassian, Jyn, Chirrut, Baze, K-2 and Bodhi. During the critical moment, they jump into hyperspeed to safety.
Rogue One Squad (Cassian Andor, Bodhi Rook, Jyn Erso, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe) – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
76. The Imperial Army might succeed in conducting the first Death Star test and Krennic might want to take the credit. Yet, Tarkin has a completely different plan, and it’s bitter for Krennic.
77. The core team, the prototype of Rogue One, sets their sight to Eadu, Imperial Kyber refinery planet, where Galen resides.
78. The outfit during the rainy night in Eadu really reminds me of those outfits during the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. Jyn looks exactly like Leia in that outfit.
79. Favorite quote #7: Chirrut, upon his eagerness to follow Jyn, is dissed by Baze, only to reply with “I don’t need luck. I have you.” #BROMANCE
80. There’s a great juxtaposition in regard with dilemma in Eadu: Cassian with his internal conflict between accomplishing his secret mission or not; and Galen with his own dilemma whether to confess his crime to save his comrades or not. That happens all in same time frame.
81. Jyn’s climbing skill #1: a long, tall stepladders from the ground to Eadu’s facilities.
82. Wilhelm Scream: A Stormtrooper pulled into the chasm by Jyn.
83. War knows no friend of foe, for sure. That leads to Jyn’s reunion with her father after 15 years. The sentimental reunion is adorned with heavy rains and burnt smell. Jyn calls Galen ‘Papa’ and Galen sweetly calls his daughter ‘Stardust.’ Star Wars is really about father-child relationship after all.
84. Leaving Eadu, Jyn scolds Cassian from lying to her and the other about the real objective of the mission: Cassian’s secret mission. Yet, Cassian scolds Jyn back stating that she’s not the only who lost everyone. A rift embarks from within the team.
85. In aftermath of battle in Eadu, Krennic goes to a planet with a fortress which looks like Mordor in Lord of the Rings, where an important figure resides. Is it Mustafar?
86. There’s a man that looks like Count Orlock in black robes summoning his master, who currently lies in a tube. From the burnt scar, from the naked skin, we know it for sure who the master is. But, I still wonder, have we seen the man in robes before? I hope it’s not Snoke.
The Man with Black Robe – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
87. There’s a silhouette; there’s a shadow on the wall; there’s a heavy breathing voice. You know who’s coming. The one and the only, Darth Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones, who reprise his role). This Vader is more elegant that he’s ever been; he doesn’t move like a robot; he’s a warrior and… he has his mind trick ready.
88. Guess who gets choked by Vader’s Force abilities? Orson Krennic, as Vader warns him, “don’t get choked by your aspiration.”
89. The Alliance Council gathers in Yavin 4, finally, to listen to Jyn’s testimony and recital of Galen’s plan. Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember faces who attends similar gathering in Star Wars (1977), therefore, I can’t confirm some faces reappear or not.
90. Jyn mentions the plan exactly like what his father said: to obtain the Death Star map from Imperial archive in Scarif. Yet, given her reputation and his father’s reputation, her plan is difficult to be accepted.
91. Yet, some people choose to believe her. But, will 4 people matter to carry on the plan? The answer is Cassian Andor’s full support to her, saying “I believe you,” as he voluntarily assists her along with his team of assassins, saboteurs, and rebellions. Cassian wins Jyn’s trust once again.
92. Favorite quote #8: K-2SO says to Jyn, “Jyn Erso. I’ll be there for you,” as he continues, “Cassian said I have to.”
93.  As the squad boards, Jyn stares at them confidently and says, “May the Force be with us!
By saying this, she’s been a different person from who she was.She’s changed for good.
94. The squad name “Rogue One” is coined by Bodhi Rook to address the pillaged Imperial dock they’re using to Scarif; and the name is officially established and registered by K-2SO.
95. During a private conversation between Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, an old, hiding Jedi is referenced. That Jedi, whom Bail is eager to contact, is no other than Obi-Wan Kenobi. To do that, Bail needs a messenger he “will trust with his life” which will be discussed in the last point.
96. On his way back to Alderaan, Bail also calls another familiar name: Captain Antilles. It might be Wedge Antilles from Star Wars (1977), but most likely, it is Antilles who used to own C-3PO and R2-D2. [CONFIRMED: It’s not Wedge Antilles. But, there is allegedly Wedge Antilles in the film as one of the X-Wing squadron fighters.]
97. Scarif, the planet where Imperial archive are stored, is a unique planet. It consists of mostly water just like Earth, but it seems tropical at every area. The tropical Maldives setting is awesome and completely fresh.
98. The security system in Scarif is as unique as the planet itself. The whole stratosphere is protected by plasma shield with only one gates to enter/exit the planet. That means, once gate is closed, nobody can enter/exit the planet. Terrific.
99. The place in which Death Star maps and concepts are stored is called Citadel Tower. The name is indeed too meta.
100. Before landing at Scarif, Jyn delivers her speech about taking the chance by chance until they win. The confidence is radiated from the face… and remember the blue eyes I mentioned previously, they becomes the focus.
101. Favorite quote #9: “Make 10 men feel like a hundred,” Cassian motivates his squad.
102. Star Wars 101: To sneak behind enemy’s line, disable them in your ship, steal their costume, and disguise as one of them.
Han and Luke used to disguise as two Stormtroopers in Star Wars (1977) while holding Chewbacca as a prisoner. Now, Jyn and Cassian do it again with K-2.
103. The strategy is: while Jyn, Cassian and K-2 inflitrate deep into Citadel tower, the other squad sets decoy everywhere in Scarif.
105. Favorite quote #10: “Light it up!” Cassian cues his squad to light Scarif on fire.
106. Similar to the view of Jedha’s destruction, the multiple explosions in Scarif viewed from the top of Citadel Tower is beautiful and delightful to watch.
107. Favorite quote #11: “Are we blind?” Krennic accuses his underlings for not reacting properly towards the destruction before them.
108. Krennic deploys his Death Troopers squad to the ground.
109. Meanwhile in Yavin 4, the messenger catches a transmission from Imperial saying that Rebels are in Scarif, which makes him flashed to pursue Mon Mothma, who only replies with a smile. An optimistic one.
110. Another cameo in Yavin 4 which should be celebrated: C-3PO and R2-D2 along with their actual cast.
111. There’s a moment when the Imperial Control Tower demands information about Rebel army’s location via radio. Bodhi decides to trick them and tell them fake information as a further decoy.
112. Meanwhile, along Scarif’s beaches, the Imperial army deploys one of their deadliest ground weapon, AT-AT Walkers, as we see in the trailer.
AT-AT Walkers – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
113. There’s a moment when Baze shoots the head of an AT-AT Walkers with a cannon, which seemingly makes a real impact. It turns out his attack has no impact at all.
114. Another sweet reunion taken directly from Battle of Yavin in Star Wars (1977): X-Wing Fighters squadron—the Red Squadron, the Blue Squadron, and the Gold Squadron—has been prepared for an direct strike under the command of Admiral Raddus. [ADDITION: After re-watching A New Hope, I’m pretty sure the faces of Red Leader and Gold Leader are CGI-ed using the similar technique as Tarkin’s]
115. In Citadel Tower, K-2SO finally is given access to blaster as Jyn Erso gives it one. To which, K-2 only mentions that Jyn’s behavior is unpredictable.
116. The battle outside the stratosphere of Scarif is, in size, as massive as the final aerial battle in Star Wars (1977). There’s a bunch of Rebel armadas against 2 armada of Star Destroyers and TIE fighters from the Scarif Gate.
117. The Imperial army finally shuts down the Scarif gate. Therefore, nobody can get in and get out during this mortal battle.
118. K-2SO, while helping Cassian and Jyn locating the intended archive, is confronted by three stormtroopers which he can handle alone.
119. However, Rogue One gives an appreciation to those stormtroopers as one stormtrooper can finally sharp-shoot on-screen. That stormtrooper successfully hits K-2, whom Jyn calls as a ‘target practice’, but K-2 immediately shoots back and mortally wounds the sharpshooter.
120. Among all other exotic code-names given for Imperial project, Jyn knows exactly the project her father’s been working in. The Death Star map is archived in a project called: …
Stardust, Jyn’s nickname.
121. Rogue One sacrifice #1: K-2SO. Overwhelmed after being attacked by dozens of stormtroopers, K-2 locks the archive gate, buying Cassian and Jyn time, and lets himself shot to death.
122. Jyn’s climbing skill #2: Climbing the whole archive library to get the Project Stardust. Cassian’s climbing skill #2: Same as Jyn.
123. Favorite under-looked character #4: Sergeant Melshi. Captain Cassian’s second-in-comand.
124. Michael Giacchino moment #3: the scoring during the climax in Scarif.
125. Rogue One sacrifice #2: Chirrut Îmwe. As the Rebel army needs someone to switch a radio button to be able to communicate beyond the barrier in the sky, Chirrut volunteers himself. While reciting his Force prayer, the blind man takes his last walk before finally blasted.
126. Chirrut’s demise (which has been unraveled by Jiang Wen during an interview) is the most devastating moment in Baze’s life. Baze runs amok to save his bestfriend, but there’s no use ’cause Chirrut’s gone. #BROMANCE ends.
127. Devastated and heart-broken, Baze recites Chirrut’s Force prayer before returning to the battle now with rage and vengeance.
128. Admiral Raddus, seeing that the shield of a Star Destroyer is finally disabled, calls Hammerhead Corvette armada to conduct a crazy plan I rather call: Slicing Star Destroyer, which works out perfectly.
129. Rogue One sacrifice #3: Bodhi Rook. Successfully connecting the ground Scarif unit with the Rebel army beyond the stratosphere, the war takes its toll on him. A grenade is thrown towards his plane to explode it right away.
130. Rogue One sacrifice #4: Baze Malbus. After his bestfriend gone, Baze has gone berserk attacking the Death Troopers who had taken away his bestie’s life. He gets shot but he successfully shoots a Death Trooper who’s about to throw a grenade. The explosion is enormous enough to kill both.
131. Remember Jyn’s walk in the trailer? When she’s going to a deck where a TIE fighter already waits up. Well, it really comes to screen, it’s cool! Only there’s no TIE fighter before Jyn for unknown reason.
132. Favorite quote #12: When Krennic catches Jyn flat-footed, he asks her about her identity, to which Jyn replies, “You know who I am. I am Jyn Erso, daughter of Galen and Lyra” proudly and vengefully.
133. Favorite quote #13: Krennic attempts to discourage Jyn as he’s saying, “I lose nothing but time. You die with the rebellion.”
134. Cassian saves the day and saves the cornered Jyn by shooting Krennic. It’s a one simple, cliche moment, which becomes a pivotal point to next series of events.
135. Michael Giacchino moment #4: The scoring during the transmission scene.
136. As much as it is a beautiful scene, it is also an ironic one. Death Star jumps into hyper-speed and arrives at the sky of Scarif. It appears as a background to the beautiful Scarif horizon, making a horror and a beauty at once.
137. Jyn and Cassian leaves the Citadel. During their escape, a sweet, warm moment embarks between the two. There’s no dialogue but their eyes tells everything: the trust has grown into a sense of belonging to each other. There’s no urgency to run; they have each other without ever saying a word.
138. On a different place, Krennic—not yet died—stares ironically at the apparition of Death Star in the sky of Scarif. There’s nothing else but bitterness radiated from his look.
139. Favorite quote #14: As the Death Star blast Scarif, Admiral Raddus, upon achieving the transmitted data, prays, “Rogue One, may the Force be with you.”
140. While the victory is almost in the air, Darth Vader arrives to the scene as he’s ready to rain upon the Rebels’ parade.
141. Jyn and Cassian gaze towards the horizon from the shore. Scarif horizon at that time is million times more beautiful than the best sunset ever. The end can always be so beautiful.
142. Favorite quote #15: When the end is near, Cassian tells Jyn, “Your father must have been proud of you, Jyn,” as he holds her hand.
143. Cassian and Jyn holds each other close, enjoying the victory on each other as the planet explodes into pieces. Celestial body count: 2.
144. Rogue One sacrifice #5 & #6: Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso.
145. Michael Giacchino moment #5: The scoring during the destruction of Scarif.
146. Even though the battle is over, the data is transmitted perfectly, it isn’t over yet. The data must be transmitted or carried to the base safely; meanwhile, a terrific power is pursuing whoever brings the data. This scene gives all the thrills at maximum level although we have known where it leads.
147. From the dark, a harrowing figure appears, as we hear his breath and see a red light flashing. Darth Vader comes aboard with his red lightsaber. *standing ovation*
148. Darth Vader parries and reflects all the blaster shots with his lightsaber as he elegantly moves forward to kill everyone in the room with his saber and telekinesis forces control. The real horror comes with the massacre he’s bringing in; no wonder he’s crowned as one of the best villains.
Darth Vader – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
149. Even after Vader rampages alone to pursue the transmitted data, the data is safely carried with a shuttle, which immediately flees. Vader gazes at the shuttle with wrath. His final look is harrowing as hell.
150. Last but not least, the data is transported into a shuttle and is given to an important figure from the original trilogy. A woman in white portrayed by Ingvild Deila. The one and the only Princess Leia.
In the end, Rogue One really gives an answer of how the Imperial Army lose a big battle in Episode IV: A New Hope. However, if you look further, Rogue One is perhaps the most essential and pivotal victory for Rebel Army in other battles, too, even in taking down the Galactic Empire. Galen Erso is a genius without doubt; he isn’t only making a weakness at the first Death Star; he’s technically making Death Star the most powerful flawed weapon in the galaxy. He makes the weakness not only invisible, but also unnoticeable at any inspection. He’s making it one of the most important element needed to make Death Star fully operational.
Need a proof? The first Death Star is destroyed. The second Death Star is destroyed too. Even, Starkiller Base, which is inspired by Death Star is also destroyed. That means the design is a failure from the beginning, and Galen makes the weakness non-observable even after years. See how amazing Rogue One now?

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Great observations! However, early on you referred to the film as non-canon. Rogue One, despite being a standalone spinoff, is actually completely canon within the Star Wars universe.

    1. Thank you for the input. I was gonna say it’s not directly put into “Skywalker saga”. Will correct it soon 😀

  2. Regarding point 86, the robed character is named Vaneé, an attendant for Darth Vader. Pablo Hidalgo confirmed him as a new character on Twitter.

    1. Ah thank you for the clarification! I was always curious of him (especially because of his short screentime and queer expression when talking to Vader)

  3. Very cool!
    However, Mon Mothma character did not appear in IV she appeared in ROTJ.
    Thank you for your amazing review

    1. Oops sorry. I mean ROTJ. I keep mixing the final battle between the two. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Regarding pt.123 JaJar Binks was the most underlooked character of them all, dumb fucktard get it right before i square up!!111

  5. Regarding point 98:
    A hemisphere is, by definition, half of a sphere. One would assume that the entire moon/planet is protected by the shield, and not half of it.

    1. Ah I see. My bad pick of vocab. Thanks

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