Thursday Movie Picks #40: Halloween Edition: Alfred Hitchcock Movies

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Welcome back to Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering through the Shelves. Comes October and Halloween follows. Therefore, the whole month is dedicated to Halloween, starting from this week with Alfred Hitchcock Movies as the theme.

To begin with, I’d like to confess that I am a sucker to Hitchcock’s movies. I just started watching his movies earlier this year, and so far, I have just watched 2 movies from his long list of filmography. Therefore, please forgive my picks for this week ’cause I just cheated for this. 

01. Psycho (1960)

Who doesn’t know this movie? I bet most people has at least heard of it, especially the shower scene with that eerie scoring. Yet, Psycho is more than just that shower scene, it’s a pure mystery with pile of twist that gives foundation to thriller movies nowadays. The legacy of Psycho is real, although it took me 23 years for me to finally watch this.

02. Vertigo (1958)

Psychological thriller at its finest! I kept wondering how Hitchcock came up with the Vertigo effects and all details. I love how Hitchcock managed to exploit some phobias to create a strong murder story which goes enticing even though it’s slow-paced.

03. Hitchcock (2012)

This is the part where I cheat. I haven’t watched any of his movies anymore since Vertigo, but this movie was the movie that inspired me to watch Hitchcock’s. This stylist reconstruction of Psycho’s troubled production is a bit slow but it opens my mind on how Hitchcock worked to make his thriller comes real. Therefore, I pick this movie cause I think it’s as worthy as Hitchcock’s movies for me personally.

So, those are my picks. Sorry for cheating, but… will you hit the comment button?

9 responses to “Thursday Movie Picks #40: Halloween Edition: Alfred Hitchcock Movies”

  1. actualandrew Avatar

    Vertigo is bloody brilliant. That twist absolute stunned me! Psycho is another great! You should watch The Birds and Strangers on a Train. Both are also great! Loved this post!

    1. Paskalis Damar AK Avatar
      Paskalis Damar AK

      Thanks for stopping by, Andrew 🙂 I should really start watching his filmography sooner or later. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Brittani Avatar

    Before I went the route I did this week, I thought about choosing Vertigo, but it didn’t seem horror-y enough. Still a good film, I had it on my Blind Spot last year. And I love Psycho.

    1. Paskalis Damar AK Avatar
      Paskalis Damar AK

      Yeah sure it’s not too horror, but that’s one of the only two Hitchcock’s movies I’ve ever seen. Though there’s a sense of uncomfortability lingers towards the end.

  3. Birgit Avatar

    Oh I am always one for bending the rules and I enjoyed that film Hitchcock. I thought it showed things quite well. Vertigo is one of his most personal work and one he kept hidden away (along with The Trouble With Harry and I think Shadow of a Doubt) until after he died. Psychiatrists must have a field day with that film. Psycho is just excellent and one can pick up on images even after several viewings. I have to say my favourite is Strangers on a Train and Shadow…He has so many

    1. Paskalis Damar AK Avatar
      Paskalis Damar AK

      There are many movies of him I need to watch, really. I will go straight down to your list afterwards. Thanks!

  4. joelnox Avatar

    Both your picks are wonderful films although not in my personal top 10 and choosing Hitchcock is a great way to cure the problem of having not seen three of his films. I didn’t love the film but it had some good pieces.

    Hitchcock is my favorite director so I strongly support your desire to seek out more of his filmography. I’ll offer up my picks for the week, two are more obscure films but Saboteur is my favorite of all his films. The other Notorious is justly famous and you can’t do much better than Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in the lead. My bonus is there simply to show that even a great artist can miss sometimes.

    Saboteur (1942)-During WWII an airplane factory is sabotaged. Barry Kane, falsely accused of the crime, goes on the run in pursuit of the real culprit and encounters various memorable characters along the way including the expected Hitchcock blonde in the appealing form of Priscilla Lane. Enjoyable chase drama is highlighted by its famous Statue of Liberty finale.

    Lifeboat (1944)-A small group of passengers from a torpedoed ship struggle for survival in Hitchcock’s fascinating microcosm of society in the contained space of a lifeboat. Excellent performances across the board but most of all a great showcase role for Tallulah Bankhead.

    Notorious (1946)-Alicia Huberman, played by Ingrid Bergman, has become embittered upon finding out that her father is a traitor. After his conviction she is recruited by Devlin (Cary Grant) to infiltrate a suspected spy ring in South America lead by an acquaintance of hers Alex Sebastian, played by Claude Rains. Once she manages that a deadly game of cat and mouse commences as the tension mounts. One of Hitchcock’s best with amazing work by the entire cast.

    Nobody’s perfect pick-Topaz (1969)-An intriguing premise: An intelligence agent becomes involved in Cold War politics while trying to expose espionage that lead up to the Cuban Missile Crisis and attempting to dismantle a Russian spy ring. Add in a solid if not extraordinary cast and Hitchcock in the director’s chair and this should have been an engrossing entertainment. What it is however may be Hitch’s worst film, certainly his dullest, it just plods along. If they insist on remaking one of the Master’s films this would be the place to start. A good idea somehow gone terribly wrong.

    1. Paskalis Damar AK Avatar
      Paskalis Damar AK

      Thank you for you recommendation! I’d love to see more of Hitchcock’s movies. Saboteur looks great! And I’m gonna look for it soon.
      I have only watched most famous movies I know. So, again, thanks!

  5. Kevin Avatar

    Like the HItchcock pick. Really wish I’d seen that. Need to check it out.

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