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Review: Salman Aristo’s directorial effort, Satu Hari Nanti, is a complicated story about four Indonesian folks tangled in a love rectangle on a foreign land. Dubbed on-screen as “the ABCD of Love” (a coined term which somehow foreshadows the whole conflict) with wide references ranging from Hamlet to Woody Allen, and from Anthony Bourdain to Franz Kafka, the film is well-intentioned; but, when it comes to presentation, only one thing comes up to mind: muddled.
Set under the elegant sky of Switzerland, Satu Hari Nanti is like a box of interaction between the film’s four main characters only. Alya (Adinia Wirasti), a chocolatier student, is in the midst of desperate romance with Bima (Deva Mahenra), a musician bumping from one café to another. While Chorina (Ayushita), a hotelier, is trying to survive in a bumpy relationship with a tour guide, Din (Ringgo Agus Rahman). Four friends, two couples in a foreign land; two broken relationships try to make amend; there’s where each of them begins to cross the line between friendship and romance. Alya begins to find solace in Din; and Bima begins to find one in Chorina; hence, the fore-mentioned “ABCD of Love.” Notice that each character’s name starts with letters that make the reference to understandable, plot-wise.
Satu Hari Nanti (2017) – Deva Mahenra & Adinia Wirasti
Labeled as 21+ drama, Satu Hari Nanti finds it comfortable to present the material unapologetically. Gifted with an interesting premise, Aristo confidently showcases the major conflict upfront—putting audiences on the edge of the seat wondering how the romantic ‘swap partner’ is cooked up. Once the main conflict (the collective one) is presented, Aristo begins to introduce personal conflicts and delve deeper into each character. Here’s where things begin to go south for Satu Hari Nanti.
Aristo keeps bringing the story back and forth like there’s no clear direction. From where the plot is launched, the film keeps revisiting same areas with no clear significance. All of these utter confusions are rooted in the premature characterization. Given the restricted interactions, characters keep changing from one state to another state only to give the film a ‘complicated look’; while what actually happens isn’t some complicated problem, but made-complicated one, instead. The plot gets so convoluted with problems that goes in circle, loose threads and non-significant Chekov’s guns. The film’s sloppy editing doesn’t help either.
Adinia Wirasti sparks alone among the ensemble of cast; although she deserves a better-written character. Deva Mahenra has the looks of an emotionally stunted person—one who gets lost in his search; but, he isn’t in the form to keep up with Wirasti’s stunning performance. In the other hand, Ayushita feels a little underwritten and underused; while Ringgo Agus Rahman barely channels the persona of a womanizer. It’s even harder to get into their characters when chemistry among them is almost non-existent.
Satu Hari Nanti (2017) – Deva Mahenra & Ayushita
Again, Satu Hari Nanti is well-intentioned, but it barely goes anywhere despite investing 122 minutes to cook up its interesting premise.

Satu Hari Nanti (2017)

Drama, Romance Written & Directed by: Salman Aristo Starrred by: Adinia Wirasti, Deva Mahenra, Ayushita, Ringgo Agus Rahman Runtime: 122 mins Rated 21+ (Indonesia)

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