Gravity (2013)

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In 372 miles above the the Earth, there are some absolute rules: air temperature always fluctuates, sound cannot spread, no air pressure, no oxygen at all, and most important, no gravity. These rules eventually makes Gravity the most realistic and stunning movie about zero-gravity condition which has ever been filmed.

Gravity tells a tale of a space mission involving mission specialist Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock)–a little nervous and awkward one–and experienced astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney)–calm, yet humorous–and other crews in an installation of Hubble telescope. Things get worse when suddenly debris of crushed satellite flash towards them–devastating their space shuttle. The thing is, the same debris is going to threaten them again in the next 90 minutes. Equipped with Kowalski’s experiences and Stone’s determination, both of them struggle against the zero-gravity and other space threats that may risk their lives.

Gravity is possibly one of the best movie in 2013, even it can be a cult someday. This movie proves that Alfonso Cuarón is a pretentious, yet genious director. Can you imagine how to make a movie whose characters float during the whole duration of which? Plus… scenes with super-long-take and fist person view in CGI (the opening scene of this movie clocks at 13 minutes–while also showing the most destructive space crash ever). Without Cuarón and DoP Emmanuel Lubezki behind the screen—this kind of movie will never be made.

Gravity is strictly attached to the rules of space (which is… fact); moreover, the rules of gravity and sound. Gravity shows how zero-gravity is no advantage—it’s definitely the greatest loss in space. Likewise, how the sound cannot spread through the vacuum makes the audiences isolated–so realistic that I cannot even hear what the characters cannot hear but can feel how dangerous the threat is. Consequently, Gravity displays the most silent destruction ever made–seriously.

Brilliant acting by Bullock is one key to follow the tone of this movie. Dr. Ryan she portrays is described as a professional yet fragile woman. Without shelving Clooney, I think Bullock is the only persona of Gravity. Aside from the originality of the story, I can still find out that Gravity is influenced by its predecessor like 2001: A Space Odyssey, yet, it has documentary touch—portraying visual scenery of the Earth seen from the space… beautiful, yet eerie.

Finally, I’d say that Gravity is the most complete movie than any movie in 2013, so far: with original plot, strong characters, thought-provoking visuals, and real suspense. It’s a real proof that Cuarón’s 7-year hiatus results in a masterpiece which is executed carefully. Admirabilis!

TITLE: Gravity

GENRE: Drama | Sci-fi | Thriller

DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cuaron

WRITERS: Alfonso Cuaron & Jonas Cuaron

CASTS: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney



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  1. Tri Fajar Avatar
    Tri Fajar

    film ini benar2 bisa bikin penontonnya sesak napas karena seolah2 ikut terombang-ambing di angkasa, tema yg sebenarnya simpel namun dieksekusi dengan jenius, hasilnya benar2 bikin kagum lah.

    1. 🙂 gak bisa bayangin kalo gak nonton di layar lebar

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