In Fear (2013)

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One thing to know before watching Jeremy Lovering’s In Fear is: the unique approach conducted to produce this film. Lovering shot everything in sequence without telling the casts about the script—leaving them puzzled and engulfed by real fear on-screen and off-screen.

Well, Tom (Iain De Caestecker), who has known Lucy (Alice Englert) for 2 weeks only, ask her out to a music festival in Ireland. It turns out that he has booked a country hotel for them to have a romantic night. Things turn sour when they finds out that direction signs leading them to the hotel are actually leading them to run in circles—trapped in an endless maze. When night falls and rains also start to fall, they begin to realize that they are hunted…

Use of the minimalist set and old-school plot are strangling audiences’ eyes right on where each scene is taking place. For me, effective location and landscape choice make the suspense real as they eerily awaken the feeling of ‘being trapped’ across the screen. Moreover, the approach used by Lovering successfully left the casts as panic as they might be. So, if they look scared, then probably they did.

The first half of this terror has put everything at stake by presenting almost an hour quest of getting out of ‘the maze’. If it doesn’t work, this movie might not deliver any suspense, but boredom instead. Audiences who have the same feeling of ‘feeling lost’ in circles—just like the on-screen characters do—might also feel that the second half of this movie a kind of tricky as it introduces a mysterious third-party man (played by Allen Leech).

I might understand if people get bothered by the editing or ‘poor acting’, yet. In Fear has clearly shown what kind of terror three characters, 1 car, and old-school plot might bring.

In Fear (2013) — 

Thriller Running Time: 85 mins Directed by: Jeremy Lovering Cinematography by: David Katznelson Music by: David Pemberton, Roly Porter Edited by: Jonathan Amos Starred by: Iain de Caestecker, Alice Englert, Allen Leech


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