Announcing The 2015 BLIND SPOT Participation

Selected 12 movies to watch—one movie each month in the forthcoming year—with a sense of purpose: a homage to 12 directors I admire most.

This is my first participation in the Blind Spot Series.

Along 2014, fellow movie bloggers were buzzing about The Blind Spot Serieswhich was very interesting for me since most of them, like, travel back in time to find movies they probably missed or movies that had been long settled in their to-watchlists. Surprisingly, some of them had been doing this for years and count; and their choices were getting more and more interesting every time I watched it.

Then, the other day I visited Ryan McNeill‘s The Matinee, the host of this Blind Spot series. The idea is: picking 12 movies to watch—one movie each month in the forthcoming year—with a sense of purpose.

So, for 2015 (my first participation), I dedicate my Blind Spot series as a homage to 12 living directors I admire most.

I choose 12 earlier movies from 12 different directors whose recent works I do admire. Those directors, currently, make great movies, but there were movies from their early career—that got ’em their cult status—that I probably missed (due to so many restrictions). Therefore, I need to see those earlier works to give a new perspective for me to admire their recent works.






Let’s see what I can do in 2015, but, hopefully, I can watch them all! This is a very emotional turnover in my blog, so if it sounds cheesy or things, I do apologize!

20 comments on “Announcing The 2015 BLIND SPOT Participation

  1. I’ve seen Reservoir Dogs and I loved Days of Heaven when I watched it last year. I even splashed out for the Criterion Collection release. It’s such a beautiful film.

  2. That’s a pretty good selection. The only ones I’ve seen are Reservoir Dogs and Taxi Driver, but I like the idea of making it about various directors’ early work. I actually have considered at some point doing a “debut week”, where each day I’d watch and review the first major film of a famous director, the only trouble of course being that I’ve already seen a lot of my favorite directors’ early work and I’ll have to find ones I haven’t already reviewed. It actually just so happens that I have another major director’s first movie on my own list, Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike:

    If you’re interested in looking at any other directors’ debuts, I’d recommend seeing if you can find the movie Dark Star. It’s the first feature film by John Carpenter and Dan O’Bannon (who later reworked part of it into his script for Alien, and would also go on to do special effects for Star Wars), and actually started production while both were still in college. You could also try Kubrick’s Fear and Desire, which has a lot of interesting ideas.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’d actually do the debut series, but it turns out some of them are out of reach, that’s why I changed it into earlier works!
      Well, I’m actually real blind about movies beyond 90s (exc those I saw in local TVs) but, I’ll give it a try if I have time!

      I saw so many older movies from your list and others’ list, I think I gotta go that extra miles someday. Thanks.

  3. Oh, good luck! I hope you do better than me.. two failure years and counting. 😀

    Some of these are really great picks, some I haven’t seen either but I’m sure their great.

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