Thursday Movie Picks #47: Non-English Language Movies – Asian Language Movies Set in South East Asia (Non-Horror)

Finally, I return to Thursday Movie Picks series by Wandering Through the Shelves. As for this week, the theme is kinda close to me: Non-English Language Movies – Asian Language Movies Set in South East Asia.

I’d traditionally choose Indonesian flicks for this kind of theme. However, there are other Southeast Asia movies, which really deserves attention. From a Singaporean family drama, Indonesian Alice in the Wonderland to Thai equivalent to Lost in Translation makes my picks for this week.

So, I present you my picks. 

01. Ilo Ilo (2013) – Singapore

Anthony Chen’s directorial debut is a hell of a family movie. It centers around a middle-class family in Singapore with a series of tragedy and unfortunate events, but it is kept warm by uplifting relationship of the housekeeper and the child of the family. Warm but melancholy, Ilo Ilo is a real portrait of family issue in Singapore without facade.

02. Fiksi. (2008) – Indonesia

fiksi. is a slow-burning Indonesian psychological thriller which centers around the dwellers of an apartment in Jakarta suburb from the perspective of a troubled girl. It’s a realistic inversion of Alice in the Wonderland with a darker premise, a more bitter conclusion, and more Asian touches. When I said Alice in the Wonderlands, it’s the real one.

03. Last Life in the Universe (2003) – Thailand

With three languages spoken through the entire movie, Last Life in the Universe is one of the most unique Thai movies. Tadanobu Asano is a Japanese librarian in Japan Foundation in Thailand. Twist of fate leads him to meet his Thai sort-of lover with mutual guilt. It might be too pretentious, however, there’s a quintessence of Japanese and Thai artsy elements pinned along the film making it a peculiar collaboration.

So that’s it…my three picks. Hit comment button if anything.


10 comments on “Thursday Movie Picks #47: Non-English Language Movies – Asian Language Movies Set in South East Asia (Non-Horror)

  1. I am also one who had to sit this one out since I have not seen any but these sound interesting especially the first 2. I wish we could see more of these films but living in a typical small city, I doubt they would ever come here

    1. Indeed they’re interesting 🙂 but I must admit that Southeast Asia movies are traditionally not distributed world wide and always get overshadowed by movies from East Asia or even Middle East. I hope they’ll get a go someday 🙂

    1. Ilo Ilo has political subtexts, which kinda reminds me of something happened at that time. Therefore I feel it close to me.
      Last Life in the Universe despite of having Japanese cast and setting is completely Thai movie, with Thai director and all.

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