BLINDSPOT: The Game (1997)

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They just fuck you and they fuck you and they fuck you, and then just when you think it’s all over, that’s when the real fucking starts!” said Conrad to his brother.

Speaking of The Game, we might as well speak about how it becomes David Fincher’s less-remembered work. People remember the twist, but barely remember that it’s Fincher’s work. In fact, The Game has all Fincher-ian elements plus twist.

People always make comparisons between this and Fincher’s earlier work Se7en for its tone and uneasy atmosphere. For me, who watched the feats separately (without chronological back-story), they are completely two different entities. Se7en is an original thriller with clever titular plot devices; however, The Game looks like a patchwork of other thrillers with convoluted plot—which is fortunately directed by a cult director.

Certainly, it’s an aspiring slow-burner with a very uncomfortable atmosphere following the ‘things that can go wrong, go wrong’ plot involving a misantrophic Scrooge-like millionaire.

The plot is mediocre; although it’s too convoluted. Yet, Fincher’s work at making everything feels very constricted and uncomfortable is at one of the finest.

The character is, obviously, one-sided; although there’s been a backstory and twist-in-role. Michael Douglas performs ‘correctly’ but, not as memorable as his other roles. Sean Penn is the only reason I stay for its deliberately long duration.

The most important part—that somehow makes people remember the film—but also the lowest part is the final twist. I personally think the twisted finale was underwhelming, with the fact that it’s somehow terrible and undoing the carefully crafted atmosphere.

What I like most from The Game:

  • The color tone. It’s Fincher’s dim.
  • The Fincher-ian atmosphere.
  • Sean Penn.

What I do not like from The Game:

  • The convoluted plot.
  • The out-of-nowhere twist. It makes sense, but it ruins everything.
  • The fact that people only remember the twist and not David Fincher.

VERDICT: The Game has Fincher-ian elements with constricted and uncomfortable atmosphere; it only lacked of originality and it had a very terrible twist—that even got remembered more than the director.

The Game (1997)

Drama, Mystery, Thriller Directed by: David Fincher Written by: John Brancato, Michael Ferris Starred by: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger Running Time: 129 mins Rated R for language, and for some violence and sexuality


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  1. I’ve loved everything I have seen of Fincher’s work so far… I hadn’t really had any desire to watch The Game but I’m so intrigued about this terrible twist now!

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