Thursday Movie Picks #48: Movies about Royalty

Welcome back to Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering through the Shelves! As for this week, the theme is kinda high-end: Movies about Royalty. But, who knows being a royal figure has never been easy?

There’s been hard times living as a royal figure. From an ill-fated glamorous queen, to an escaping Tsar’s descendant, to a stuttered king; they all live with burdens their name brought, and cinema knows how to capture it. 

So, here I present you my picks!

01. Marie Antoinette (2006)

Marie Antoinette is always an intriguing figure in French history, but Sofia Coppolla knows how to depict her as a naive (rather stupid) ill-prepared queen with occassional pink hair and frequent oer-the-top costumes. Those eye-popping visuals and sympathy to Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette is one thing. For whatever it is, it finally get something from me.

02. Anastasia (1997)

The most interesting part of being a Tsar’s child is you cannot run from Rasputin. While the story is rather a cliche, but the addition of fantasy to some historical events make it more alive. There are many adaptations of Anastasia’s story, but this one is the first for me, and seemingly, the most interesting given the nature of Grigory Rasputin.

03. The King’s Speech (2010)

This Oscar-showered royal depiction is one of the best. And, who would have thought that a king needs to overcome his stutter? And that’s just one problem out of many others he should face. Colin Firth’s portrayal of King George VI is astonishing.


So, those are my picks. Hit the comments, let me know your thought.

12 comments on “Thursday Movie Picks #48: Movies about Royalty

  1. Interesting picks though I’ve only seen The King’s Speech which I liked very much.

    I’m not an animation fan so I’ll never see this version of Anastasia but I have seen the Ingrid Bergman one which I’m certain is quite different but an enjoyable film.

    Likewise I haven’t seen this Marie Antoinette but am familiar with the MGM/Norma Shearer version which is eye popping in its visual splendor though unfortunately in black and white.

    1. Glad you liked The King’s Speech 🙂 Anastasia was among the first animation I admire therefore it made it to the list. I am not familiar with the MGM version, but gotta check it later ’cause Marie Antoinette’s story is always interesting, especially her ill-fated end.

  2. Nice! I also picked Anastasia. Marie Antionette is getting a lot of love today so far. I’m not crazy about the King’s Speech but it was very well made and acted.

    1. First, I’m glad you picked Anastasia as well 🙂 Second, Marie Antoinette for whatever version it is always become an enticing historical figure to put into movie. I really hope Lady Diana and Grace Kelly would make it to, but turns out, their movies wasn’t as compelling. Regarding the King’s Speech, I’m not crazy either, but certainly it’s a must-watch one, true?

  3. I Love the King’s Speech and glad he won the Oscar for the role. Rush was equally captivating. I went on to read about their relationship and the film pretty much shows their friendship as it was. I still have to see Marie Antoinette. I have read up on her and I think she is a greatly misunderstood figure. She is Austrian who was sent, quite young, to marry the King of France. I think she was more naive and she was instantly disliked for being Austrian. She did have a fondness for fashion and pretending to be a “peasant”. I love her “peasant houses at Versailles. I have seen The Ingrid Bergman film “Anastasia” which is quite good. I always wished that she would have survived. Rasputin did not…thankfully

    1. Agree that the King’s Speech is well-acted and that’s good! I could see your point about Marie Antoinette, but truly, her life is like a piece of puzzle which gets intriguing as it went. As for, Anastasia, I haven’t seen the Ingrid Bergman’s version but I’m pretty sure, her captivating story (which some people said as a ‘fiction’) always wins.

  4. YES! Another pick fot Anastasia – love this animation, ah Don Bluth was right. Great picks on Maire Antoinette and Kings Speech too!

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