Thursday Movie Picks #50: Movies Set in a Hotel

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Welcome back to Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering through the Shelves! This Thursday theme is very personal to me since I work as a hotelier (in the office, though). It’s all about ‘Movies set in a Hotel.’

You might think of a holiday trip or a business trip if talking about hotels. Yet, never forget the hotelier to make the stay really happen. See? This week’s theme is full of biases.

To accommodate what I’ve been saying before, here I present you my picks. 01. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Yeah, Jason Segel tries to forget his ex-girlfriend Kirsten Bell’s Sarah Marshall by escaping to a Hawaiian resort by the sea, where he meets a new girl as well as his ex with a new rockstar beau. Nick Stoller really knows how to take advantages of the resort sets, which culminates in the hilariously bittersweet “lovemaking competition.”

02. Lost in Translation (2003)

Park Hyatt Tokyo located in the most vibrant area in Shinjuku and Shibuya is the witness of the quirky romance which embarks between Bill Murray’s Bob and Scar-Jo’s Charlotte. From their unexpected encounter to the bitter end, the hotel saves everything. The best thing is: the hotel is real and expensive.

03. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The jewel of Zubrowska is also a witness of everything: of happiness and joy, of war and turmoil, but most importantly, of the rise and fall of its most charismatic concierge, Monsieur Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes) and his apprentice, Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori).

As I promised before, I have wrapped all the thought, right? Now your comment, please.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks #50: Movies Set in a Hotel

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Grand Budapest Hotel are both hilarious. Great calls. I haven’t seen Lost in Translation, though. I know, bad blogger.

  2. Well this week is right up your alley! I’ve seen and liked all three of your picks and while I wasn’t bowled over by any of them Grand Budapest is beautiful to look at, Murray and Johannsen are affection in Translation and Sarah Marshall is deceptively sweet considering some of the raunchier elements. It’s my favorite of the three.

    Here’s what I came up with, curious to see if you’re familiar with any of them:

    Bobby (2006)-Intermingling stories set in the Ambassador Hotel on June 4th and 5th 1968 as several groups prepare to attend the Democratic presidential primary rally at which Robert F. Kennedy will speak and will ultimately have a tragic outcome, his assassination. Filmed at the actual locations that events occurred just before the hotel was demolished.

    Evil Under the Sun (1982)-In an absolutely gorgeous island hotel in the Adriatic a group of wealthy people sun themselves and bitch at each other until one of them turns up murdered. Thank goodness Hercule Poirot is among the guests and can put the “little gray cells” to use solving the crime. Hugely enjoyable version of Agatha Christie’s mystery with Peter Ustinov a perfect Poirot-clever, urbane, canny and sly. The entire cast seems to be having fun with a brilliant Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith making great sparring partners with dialog dipped in venom. Amazing costume design.

    Dear Heart (1964)-In New York for a postmaster’s convention Geraldine Page, a single kind hearted postmistress meets traveling salesman Glenn Ford who is staying in the same hotel. Tired of the road he’s become engaged to a pushy woman more out of a longing to put down roots than passion. Now an unexpected spark ignites between the two strangers, what to do? Sweet, gentle comedy/drama of two lonely souls slowly realizing they are meant for each other. Great supporting cast includes Angela Lansbury and both the actresses, Alice Pearce and Sandra Gould that eventually played Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched.

    Honorable Mention-Week-End at the Waldorf (1945)-Glossy remake and relocation of Grand Hotel to New York’s Waldorf-Astoria. Slick and well-acted by a star studded cast, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Arnold and Van Johnson among them, but missing both the grit and pathos of the original.

    1. So glad that you have seen all my picks… and have some liking to them.

      I haven’t heard any of that you mentioned, but seems like they fit my liking too, except for their being classic movies, which are kinda hard to find. Bobby is the most accessible I think, so I gotta give it a shot.

      Thanks, again!

  3. I picked Grand Budapest knowing it would get lots of love this week but I had to since I find it is a gem. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a fun comedy and Russell Brand stole the show in my eyes. Lost in Translation is another quiet gem with Bill Murray getting robbed of Oscar

  4. Excellent picks! Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Lost in Translation are perfect for this. Neither crossed my mind. I, too, picked Grand Budapest. I had to.

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