Thursday Movie Pick #10: Most Wanted Sequels

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Thursday Movie Picks by Wandering through the Shelves is here again. I do apologize for skipping the gig for two consecutive weeks. The rules are simple: based on the theme of the week, pick three to five movies and share the reason. Should anyone be interested in joining in, feel free to visit the main page here.
For this week, the theme is: Remake/Sequels/Reboot you want to see, to which I pick sequel. The only reason is: you can always remake/reboot any film you think isn’t as good as it should’ve been (say Fantastic Four or Eragon). However, it takes a real film that awe-struck you to decide to finally see a sequel made out of it. Therefore, I present you some films that I want to see it continued with sequel.
For this week, I pick 5. Be careful since this post might contain some spoiler.
01. District 9 (2009) – Neil Blomkamp
Suggested sequel title: District 10

In the end of District 9, Sharlto Copley’s Wikus has turned completely into an alien form. All the ‘shrimp’ aliens are moved to the larger District 10 while the mothership has left the Earth. One of the alien has promised Wikus to return with the cure, though. A tougher life in District 10 is one to highlight, but it’s Wikus’ struggle as an outcast that matters. Will the alien keeps the promise? That will be a serious question to answer in a sequel. Sharlto Copley will reprise his role as Wikus, now as an alien; and an alien thug that becomes an antagonist is needed to spice up the drama.
02. The Breakfast Club (1985) – John Hughes
Suggested sequel title: The Breakfast Club Reunion

After the end of the detention, all 5 guys in The Breakfast Club are looking forward to meeting each other on the following weekend. Lot of things might happen around the following weeks or years. In 2020, 35 years after the original film, a reunion might do justice to them. Too long? It is. But, imagine if The Breakfast Club is about embracing youth inside, what about embracing the old age? If the original is about teen angst, now it’s about geri-angst. 5 old friends reinforces each other in their old day.
03. Let the Right One In (2008) – Tomas Alfredson
Suggested sequel title: When the Right One In

So, apparently, after Oskar leaves on a train with Eli, he has “let the right one in.” While both characters are of young age, there will be survival mission they have to face in aftermath. How both characters are bonding with each other becomes the core of the sequel, with Oskar’s state of mind as priority. Don’t you think he will regret what he did like in The Graduate? That’s the consequence when you let the right one in.
04. The Cabin in the Woods (2012) – Drew Goddard
Suggested sequel title: The Lodge on the Mountain or The Curse in the School

Oh, this one is very intriguing. A sequel isn’t exactly the correct one; it’s more of a spin-off or more. Remember that the whole thing in this film is a part of an ancient ritual? There are other rituals in other countries shown on screen, too, right? These spin-offs work with the monster ritual in other countries as in Japan or Moscow or other country in the world.
05. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)
Suggested sequel title: Tucker & Dale vs. Anything

Just get the redneck duo together. I’m up for sequels – from Tucker & Dale vs. Zombies or vs. Aliens or vs. Predator or vs. Terminator or anything. Bring the feat back together is all that matters.

15 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Pick #10: Most Wanted Sequels

  1. I like the Cabin in the Woods idea, a lot. I’d be really interested to see the other rituals and monsters playing out all over the world. That would be a lot of fun.

  2. Yikes I’ve only seen one of these!! I’m just not a horror guy but I like that idea for The Breakfast Club reunion with all the original actors now. Since they are all around and somewhat active still in performing it would be a cool concept. Unfortunately John Hughes isn’t around to guide it though.
    I enjoyed pulling titles together for this since it was a trifle more free form and seeing what everyone came up with that they wanted to see reworked in some way. I have to say I’m surprised how often Breakfast Club has shown up.
    Since we had multiple choice on the theme I went with the remake & sequel options. Sequel first:
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)-Sequels are tricky affairs usually a lesser shadow of the original but occasionally as with Aliens it works out well so I’m usually hopeful. Man from U.N.C.L.E. was a stylish, fast paced affair with a terrific vintage look and relaxed, enjoyable performances from the three leads and Hugh Grant as their wry boss. It didn’t perform as well as expected so this probably won’t happen which is too bad since it was a more realistic adventure with less reliance on CGI than most current actioners.
    And two remakes:
    I’m not much for remakes of classics, what’s the point? You can’t improve on perfection so unless a new perspective or element can be added leave well enough alone. My first is an example of adding a different element. However sometimes a good idea receives faulty execution, occasionally even the best filmmakers stumble and then I say have at it. That would be my second.
    8 Women (2002)-This French musical mystery farce is a one of a kind concoction, wonderfully entertaining with a cast full of the best feminine Gallic cast of the day (Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant and Isabelle Huppert among them). It would have been hard for it to turn out better. But since women’s films and musicals are thin on the ground despite the abundance of talent available an American remake would be great to see especially since the cast runs across all adult age brackets, hell it even has a custom made role for Angela Lansbury as the matriarch.
    Topaz (1969)-Every great director has a lemon in their filmography, this exercise in boredom is Alfred Hitchcock’s. Sluggish to the point of ennui and indifferently acted it was difficult to get through even once. The thing is the basic story, a Russian agent defects and during his interview tells of another supposedly friendly country’s spy ring that is selling high risk secrets to the highest bidder, is a good one and has great potential to be made into an excellent film. If the studios feel the need to remake the Master’s work than start with this fumble and not one of his successes.

    1. Breakfast Club reunion is what all people want, right? Let’s put the date to commemorate John Hughes.
      I agree with a sequel for The Man from UNCLE! At least the sequel can fix what’s wrong with the first film. True?
      Haven’t watched the other two films which you might want to see the remake, though.

  3. Haha. I loved Tucker and Dave vs Evil. Not demanding a sequel but it might be interesting. We both went for The Breakfast Club but I think mine was a remake…maybe it could be sequel/reamke but with the kids of the guys from the 80s film?
    Like your idea though.

  4. District 9 was quite a good film and I would just want to see him try to survive the humans all the while he continues to leave origami gifts for his love. I would want it to be a happy ending though with a twist…he realizes he is more human in his insect form than the humans trying to kill him so he decides to leave with the other aliens to teach them that not all humans are a-holes. We match with Breakfast Club and I like your idea since I am around the same age:) One of them will have to have dementia…just saying since 1 in 3 people will get it. I haven’t seen your others though

    1. Great analysis for that ending of District 9! You know, that alone will make a great standalone film!
      Oh now I’m imagining The geri-Breakfast Club, in which one character has dementia. Would that redefine the movie completely?

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