"Top of 2013, is all"
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Latest update: May 17, 2013

2013 menjadi tahun yang menegangkan bagi Sinekdoks dan kepribadiannya. Tahun ini adalah tahun pertama saya menulis review film dalam sebuah blog lepas–hal yang awalnya nampak sulit tapi lama-lama terasa menyenangkan. Tahun 2013 ini juga menjadi titik balik bagi saya dalam memaksimalkan pengalaman menonton film–karena sudah bisa menghasilkan uang sendiri yang (Thank God) mampu menunjang journey sinema saya. Sebagai tambahan, tahun ini saya benar-benar dibaptis menjadi seorang cinema loner; setelah saya menemukan nikmatnya menonton sendiri di bioskop.

2013 juga menjadi milestone bagi dunia perbioskopan di Indonesia dan (beruntungnya) menjadi tonggak hadirnya festival film di hometown saya–Yogyakarta. Tak hanya film-film berkelas Hollywood yang ditampilkan, tapi film-film Oscar bait mulai sering tampil di bioskop Indonesia. Awal tahun 2013 sampai summer movie season dipenuhi sekuel dan reboot–sedangkan paruh kedua, termasuk award season diisi film-film yang tanpa disangka ternyata diputar di Indonesia. 2013 juga makin mantap dengan lancarnya distribusi DVD segala film–yang akhirnya berujung pada daftar film terbaik tahun 2013. So, here comes the best!

20. The Conjuring (James Wan) 19. Only God Forgives ( Nicolas Winding-Refn) 18. Frozen (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee) 17. Stoker (Park Chan-wook) 16. Upstream Color (Shane Carruth) 15. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Peter Jackson) 14. Man of Steel (Zack Snyder) 13. Captain Philips (Paul Greengrass) 12. 12 Years A Slave (Steve McQueen) 11. Dallas Buyers Club (Jean Marc Vallee)

10. Short Term 12 (Destin Cretton)

“The winner of  the Grand Jury Narrative Feature Award and the Narrative Audience Award in SXSW 2013, an adaptation of the original 2008 short written by Destin Cretton, and a drama that creeps into your deepest gland of emotions and mixes everything up.”

09. The Hunt (Thomas Vinterberg)

“Tense and stressful as its conflict starts to exploit Mads Mikkelsen’s character deeply. It’s a kind of movie that tries to be honest through the lie that is spreading on-screen.”

08. Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve)

“A modern abduction sub-genre that keeps you puzzled and disoriented as Villeneuve gives red herrings to keep you watch ’til the ending. Prisoners imprisons your thought emotionally without knowing whether it will relieve you or not.”

07. Inside Llewyn Davis (Ethan & Joel Coen)

“An audacious, hilarious, and sympathetic tale of The Coens Brothers’ usual loser. Oscar Isaac shows how a sympathetic acting should be in a passionate portrayal of degression and depression.”

06. Rush (Run Howard)

“A solid reconstruction of 1976’s F1 season with crazy dramatization through an already whacky story rivets on the scandalous rivalry between two real-life protagonists. This combination of thorough execution and witty script is proven to be fast and loud… and gritty.”

05. The Spectacular Now (James Ponsoldt)

“A coming-of-age romance film that embraces all typical cliches of teen film but ends up not being a banal film. It forges the conventional relationship with typical angst of future and curiosity into a natural  achievement.”

04. The Wolf of the Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)

“Martin Scorsese’s comeback to his age of gold—nasty, naughty, filthy, and twisting. It’s a helluva art in one piece of art without Oscar, but with pride and best Scorsese cinematic experience for the last decade.”

03. Before Midnight (Richard Linklater)

“18 years and everyhting is still warm and fresh. The casts might not be as young and as restless as they’re in the two previous films, but the fire and the chemistry never fades—making itself one of the best cult trilogy ever made.”

02. Her (Spike Jonze)

“Fresh, original, and magnificent. Spike Jonze lectures us with a preach about how someone can be so dependent to technology through a rom-com-tech film. A weird, genious combination that will long be remembered as one of the most influential film ever made.”

01. Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)

“A revolution of cinematic experience. A kind of film that makes you keep coming to the cinema to feel the thrill and the sensation. A combination of all advanced knowledge of digital cinema. A gateway to a more modern era of cinema.”