Friday, May 20

Thursday Movie Picks #32: Alien Invasion of Earth

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Thursday Movie Picks by Wandering Through the Shelves returns on the first week of August highlighting Alien Invasion of Earth as the theme.

Actually, I’d love it more if there will be an inverse to this genre—Earth Invasion to Other Planet (Avatar does, but that’s all); but, that’s okay, here’s some alien invasion films that I like. 

01. Monsters (2010)

Gareth Edward’s pre-Godzilla monster flick goes very intense. Perhaps, the monsters from outer space weren’t the main attraction, but how human characters react to their invasion was superb! Read my short review on Monsters (2010)!

02. Slither (2006)

This is a 100% tongue-to-cheek homage to 80s horror films—an aggregation of B-movies bonanza and ridiculous black comedy. James Gunn nailed it with slickest aliens that turn people into some hungry-to-the-end creatures.

03. Pacific Rim (2013)

Not only Guillermo del Toro brought back memories to mecha genre; his biggest innovation is Kaiju—with size of no other aliens never made on screen previously. And, yes, they’re from sea-crust—that’s a nice idea of Earth invasion! Read my review about Pacific Rim!


So, that’s my picks, any thoughts to share?


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