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Movie Date scene from 500 Days of Summer
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I never know who invented it, but the movie date has become a ‘basic date’ at this present time. Almost in every movie theater I went in, major audiences are couples, I think… or is it just me? It’s like 70% of total audiences are movie-dating couples (sometimes, including me) and the rest are groups, family, and cinema-loner (some other times, also including me).

No problem with that, at all. I’m also a ‘movie-dater’ when I’m not a cinema-loner. Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver is also a movie-dater… in an adult cinema; Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer is also one; and even Donnie Darko practiced this, too. So, it seems that when done correctly, movie date can be a perfect date, but note, when done correctly. 

Trust me I’m not an expert in movie dating and I’m not against massive movie dates, but I’ve been through a lot (and observed a lot, as well); therefore, I muster up my courage to write a post dedicated to MOVIE DATE tips in a compilation of thought and musings.

movie date scene from Notting Hill

01. Movie Date & First Date

The first date is always been tricky. But, movie date can also be tricky, right? Therefore, movie date on a first date can be a double tricky date. It’s true that movie date is an instant way for first-date suckers: no need to prepare some fancy date and, certainly, there will be a free topic floating to talk about for the whole night. If both sides are acclaimed movie-buffs, this won’t matter; but how could we know if our date-partner is a movie-buff without doing a real talk? So, movie date tips #1: save your movie date for the next date, not your first.

02. Know Your Movies before Movie Date

Nobody goes on a movie date to watch an extensively long movie like the 4-hour long Lawrence of Arabia, right? No offense, but nobody wants to date a clueless one whose eyes only glued to schedule when it comes to buying tickets. Know the movie before you ask your partner for a movie (consult the IMDB might really help). Knowing more—synopsis, actors, directors, etc—might be better (’cause that’s what we do, right?), but those are not necessarily as important as knowing the three keys—the duration, the genre, and most importantly, the schedule. Duration is an important thing since you don’t want to spend the final half of the movie looking at your watch to make sure you don’t go home late. Genre is as important; you might wanna watch The Raid 2 with your partner, but make sure your partner could stand watching it. The schedule, however, is the most important for you know-how, right? Movie date #2: do your research, first.

03. Movie Date & Behavior

Again, nobody wants to date a***oles who constantly checks their phone while in cinema, or those who keep talking relentlessly, or those who do not respect other audiences, or those who overtly pirated a movie during a date. As simple as that.

04. Movie Date & Skinship

A simple gesture like holding hands might be okay, but stealing a kiss or even making out in a movie theater is not a fashion anymore.  It only happens in movies. Just because it’s dark, it doesn’t mean that it’s an excuse. Seriously, can we postpone it until getting home?

05. Movie Date & The Third Wheel

There’s no use of a third wheel on a movie date. First, accompanying a dating friend is a pain in the ass for that poor person. Second, what if it causes a trouble ticketing? Third, come on you know why it’s not important to tag along your wingman in some situations. It’s a date after all.

06. Movie Date & Your Comments

There’s a big chances people will comment on a movie when (1) the movie is still playing or (2) when the movie is over. Giving some spontaneous comments during the movie is okay if done once or twice. However, commenting on everything frequently during the movie is a pain in the ass for your partner… and other audiences. When the movie is over, there’s still one prohibition left. It’s better to leave some basic comments for later discussions. Don’t let your date down with such comments; elaborate your thought about the movie instead if you plan to continue the date.

Once again, don’t believe what I mused here. I’m not an expert in the movie date… or any date. I just wrote what I thought mostly as an observer… and doer. Please let me know what you’ve thought about my movie date tips.

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  1. I really love this post! It captures everything involved in the quintessential movie date 🙂

    1. Thank you! I plan to have the second part anyway, cause seriously, there’s a lot of things to talk about movie date…

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