Thursday Movie Picks #43: Halloween Edition – Werewolves

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Welcome back to Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering through the Shelves blog; it’s a weekly series where you share three movie picks each Thursday. And since it’s October, the series is running the Halloween Edition, and according to the schedule, this Thursday is Werewolf day—make sure you got no full moon!

So, this is the whole schedule for Halloween Edition. Check my other post by clicking on the title.

October 1 – Alfred Hitchcock Movies
October 8 – Villainous Children
October 15 – Asian Horror
October 22 – Werewolves
October 29 – Ghost Movies

Well, werewolf movies were usually subjects to genre-cliche, right? Origin story and the same ol’ myth. But some movies just got some real fangs to howl your soul out. Here’s my picks!

01. An American Werewolf in London

I watched it in aftermath of Penny Dreadful where there’s a particular nod to this movie with a Victorian perspective. The movie’s a bit slow in the beginning but when it reaches the spot, it unleashes the “correct” beast. It’s a bit campy but terrifying with a touch of black comedy.

02. Dog Soldiers

This directorial debut of The Descent‘s Neil Marshall starts with a comical triumph over British soldiers who got assaulted by a herd of werewolves. With an approach similar to the first Predator and a touch of isolation like in Night of the Living Dead, Dog Soldiers is an obvious pick.

03. Ginger Snaps

Werewolf movie with great plots—involving coming of age strikes and identity drama. The plot makes a good allegory to puberty and sexuality. There’s also enough blood to make “show its fangs.”

Plus: Werewolf Women of the SS

It’s only a fake trailer on Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’ Grindhouse, but imagine if it’s made. With Rob Zombie’s direction (and Fu Manchu), it will be a gore-pleasing exploitation movie.

So, that’s my picks. Any comments?

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  1. lol at the fake Grindhouse trailer. That would’ve made for an interesting film. Someone other than Rob Zombie would have to do it though. I haven’t seen any of your picks this week.

    1. But I don’t know if Zombie could make a campy trailer like that. Anyway, I highly recommend all of these picks to you. Cause it’s not merely werewolf movie but goes deeper than that.

  2. American Werewolf in London is one of my picks too! Even for a non horror fan such as I it’s very entertaining. Looks like Dog Soldiers, a title I’d never heard of until today will be the title of the week. Haven’t seen any of your others.

    1. True that! Despite it’s slowburning first act, it’s a great horror-comedy after all. Also it has a cool transformation!
      Dog Soldiers is a B-movie bonanza tho. It’s worth a try. But Ginger Snaps is certainly something you should watch. I’m curious about your thought.

  3. American Werewolf in London is one film I have to see finally. When it came out way back when I was too scared to see it. The 2nd film looks way too scary and the last one seems a bit too bloody for my taste. Now Werewolf Women of the SS would be a hoot. Those gals really need to get to a spa and get some waxing done

    1. Well, for non-horror fans, American Werewolf in London is certainly worth a try. The title itself is hilariously terrific, so is the movie. It’s true that the other two are too gory, but if you get some nerves, they’re some good starts.

  4. That seen in Ginger Snaps. Her sister is a quick thinker.

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